How to Write an Article Starting with Your Outline

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Learning how to write an article starts first with determining what your topic will be. The next step from that point will be the development of an outline. Writing articles can be more difficult without having an outline to which you can refer. In fact a good outline will serve as writing guidelines for you and takes little time to put together. This will also help improve your writing by keeping you focused on your subject. If you have an online business then you probably know how effective writing articles can be for promoting your goods and services. It is therefore all the more important to learn how to put together a good outline which will help save you time for other aspects of your business.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to put together an outline that will improve your writing in both time and effectiveness.


What is your point of the article? This will be the FIRST component of your article you will have to establish in order to move forward with your efforts. You must decide what it is you are going to write about

At this point it is important to mention that the remaining article components are not necessarily completed in the order as I will be reviewing them. It is entirely up to the personal preferences and writing styles of the individual.


Briefly explain the point of your article in opening paragraph. Let the reader know immediately what it is you are writing about and the points you will try to bring forth in your composition.


The actual explanation of the points or steps that you want to discuss and explain will be in the article body itself.

In an orderly fashion that is easy to follow or makes sense you will present your points or premise and review them in such way as your introduction indicated.


Here is where you will 'wrap up' your article by quickly reviewing what it is that the body of your article has just explained. In essence you are telling the reader what they have just read and what they will gain from this information if used correctly.


Create a Title that describes the content of your article. If possible you want to make it something catchy but it should definitely reflect the content. Some people start their articles by developing a title first and then focusing on the other components afterwards.

As we have already mentioned the order in which these components are completed is up to the individual.

Learning how to write an article outline will help to save you time when you actually sit down to write. Having your thoughts formatted in such a way will make writing articles a breeze by helping you stay on your intended topic. Developing effective writing skills such as this is even more important if you used this method to advertise online. By easily putting together helpful writing guidelines as we outlined above you can breeze through the entire writing process. The time you save can then be devoted to other things of your choosing.


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