Essential Tips to write a Press Release or Media Release

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essential Tips to write a Press Release or Media Release which can be submitted to media and leading worldwide or India PR wire services are here. A Press Release (also called sometimes PR or Press Report), is a business promotional tool that is used to announce anything new that is happening in your company. It can be for a new product or service or for a new office location. Sometimes, it is used to announce the merger or partnership between two companies or just a business relationship announcement.

Press Release by a company is aimed at getting the media attention. The main purpose of a Media Release is announcing something that has a news value so that it is picked up by media and the company gets awareness without spending money on advertising. A press release is suited to the objectives of the author (what they want to say) and is usually designed to be sent to journalists, to enable them to develop articles on that matter. Journalists and editors can then use the press release to write the articles and news analysis reports.

Press Release can not be done in any format and there has to be a fixed format in which press release should be written. Press release are distributed using fax, e-mail, published on internet, or couriered along with a full media or press kit. You can also send a pitch letter along with press kit though it is not necessary. These deliverables though soung too much to do but they make life simple for everyone. You however need to conform to the set standards and expectations of the media. If you do not do that there is a very high chance that your release will not read at all (leaving alone being published).
India PR Line the leading free press release service in India has compiled these guidelines to help you get complete idea about basics of writing a press release:

Essential Tips to write a Press Release
Logo: Always preferable to write the release in a company letterhead or at printed with the company’s logo at the top of the page (if faxed or couriered). If published online or sent through email – give you logo. Logo gives the good impression about the reputation and standards of the company.

Title of Page: At the top of press release write in bold and All CAPS ‘PRESS RELEASE’. Each of these words should be spelled out in CAPS. If you are releasing something very sudden and it has an element of emergency to it, then use the words ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’ just below the PRESS RELEASE.

Headline of Press Release: Headline of press release is a major aspect of press release. Hence the Headline or the Title should be written in bold and centered and should be anattention grabber. This will immediately capture the interests of the journalists. Make sure that the headline of the press release is catchy, short and impressive for them to read on.

Press release Summary: Just below the headline in bold letters write about 2 sentences which give the idea of press release. This is like an executive summary for journalists and editors.
Main Content: The body or the main content of the release is obviously where you will say it all. Make sure you make the body short, useful, accurate and interesting. As an author of a Media release you should write keeping this in mid that people are short of time and they should be conveyed the main stuff that you want quickly.
While writing the main content start by giving the general information about the date and city for which the release is being made. Then use the 5W & 1H pattern i.e.

who has done it
what has been done
when it was done
where it was done
why it is done
How it is done

The structure can be a first introductory paragraph with summary. This is followed by a middle large paragrapg with all details. And finally at the end a conclusive paragraph to sum it up and write on any action items.

Company details: At the end of press release give the details of all the companues that are release this media release. This is usually a standard paragraph as notes to editors. This includes brief company profile, website etc.

Media contact details: Here you give contact details of all your media contacts including their address, phone numbers and emails.
Other tips to write a press release: Be formal in tone of press release. Use the web neutral black fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc.

Conclude the Press release with ###: Press release should be concluded with 3 # symbols centered just below the last line of the press release which practice among PR professionals to show the indication for end of the release.


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