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Thursday, November 5, 2009

If the passion of writing is in you, then consider making it full-time business. A lot us dreams to be our own boss so we can break free from our bosses who always yell and command us on what things we need to do. Actually, being the boss of our own business is possible, and it is just waiting right at the corner of our home. Advantages are; you won’t need to drive miles away from your home to office, and you have everything around you, family, food, and entertainment, all in the comfort of your home.

Easy, before you quit your job and start a freelance home writing company, first, you need to drop down notes and calculate necessary information; such as the amount you earn with your current job compared with freelance writing, and if you are mentally and physically ready with starting your own freelance business.

Freelance writers are highly in-demand, there are thousands of website owners who are searching for content writers. There are plethora of companies who will pay for your work, you can even earn money from revenue share. Another tip is that you can start your own blog and make money from advertisers and Google Adsense.

Pros in freelance writing are; you can easily calculate your income since payments are upfront, this way you can decide how long you need to work for a day. You can easily balance personal life and work with free lance writing jobs. The only con is that there’s no fixed salary, the money that you will have is based on your eagerness. So it is wise to stock some money, in-case that if you are not feeling well you have something to spend.

Creating a goal each month will help you progress and excel in work and in the industry of freelance, and it can also help as a motivation and guide for you to step up and learn new things. Always open up your mind to new ideas, you can seek for help with experts online who has been in the industry for a long time.

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