How To Write An Article

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writers who desperately need to earn a living will have no other choice but to go on and write anything that will get in the bucks. But, comes the mental block, how will they go about writing about something that they are not even passionate about? How could a poet write about the technical aspects of a car? How could a literary writer do a news article on something as horrid as a vehicular accident?

Here are tips on how to be a flexible writer:

Research, research, research.
If a writer, especially one who is just starting out and still trying to learn the ropes of being flexible, gets assigned to write a topic that he or she knows nothing about, he or she will not go amiss with lots and lots of research. There are a lot of sites on the net that offers sample articles on just about any topic under the sun. Through research, the writer will be able to get an idea on where she or he has to do and what she or he still needs to look up to be able to come up with the facts needed in her or his article.

Aside from getting facts from the net for a story or an article, a writer will also do well by reading a lot of materials like newspapers, magazines, manuals or books that will help in constructing the pieces that she or he needs to come up with.

She was sitting inside a public transportation; then, all of the sudden, thoughts suddenly seem to swirl inside her head and she ached to be with a notepad and pen so she could write them all down. She finds a notepad and a pen, she is lucky and the thoughts became words. She does not find them, she gets upset as the thoughts she was nursing so tenderly like a baby dissipated like dust into the winds.

That is how writers go about in their daily lives. There are moments when they could think of nothing to write at all and times when they are bombarded with so many ideas that their hands could not keep up or the inks of their pens would run out, whatever comes first.

But there is always a question that bugs every writer, and that is, To write or not to write? When they are faced with the opportunity of writing about something that is not their forte, would they or would they rather not write about it?

Use the radio and TV as your eyes and ears.
A writer's ears and eyes are also very important in coming up with a piece that she or he does not know much about. If she or he is told to write about current events, then she could use radio and television as sources of information as to what is happening around. From news reports or documentaries, she or he could get a lot of information for the piece she or he is working on.

Be always ready.
So as not to miss out on any tidbit of information, a writer must have a pen and notepad with her or him wherever she or he goes. A writer never knows when an occasion or happening presents itself that she or he could produce into an article that is worth a reader's while.

Nothing is a waste for a writer.
When an idea presents itself to a writer, whether it be for money or for no reason at all, she or he jots it down. Writers never waste something that could get her or him writing. An idea, no matter how bad or juvenile, is an idea that could be worked on when the tough gets going.

So to write or not to write? If one is a real writer, one writes no matter what. Because when we get down to it, a writer is not just born but also made. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, a writer becomes outstanding when she or he could take on any topic and write something about it that will not only be just readable but a success.