Motivational Speakers Must Motivate

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Motivational speakers should motivate an audience. Though this may seem like a redundant statement, all too often it is an oxymoron. The sad truth is there are too many motivational speakers who are unable to motivate an audience.

If you are booking a meeting, conference or other event and you are in the market for motivational speakers your first obligation is to make sure that the speaker has the charisma and experience to motivate an audience. How do you do that? Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a billion!

First and foremost you should discard any motivational speakers who do not provide video clips of their events. Good motivational speakers will want you to witness with your own eyes how they can capture the attention of an audience, maintain that attention and turn it into motivation.

Every motivational speaker should have a website, without exception. The website should include all the relevant information about the speaker and their history, client roster, contact information, etc. Though this is all quite important, the most important thing is the website should include video!

Motivational speakers should be confident enough in their abilities that they proudly display video clips for you to review. They want to motivate you to call them. If their video clips do not motivate you to want to speak to them, then their presentation will not motivate your audience.

When you are watching video clips you want to pay more attention to the audience than the speaker. You want to see whether or not the audience has been engaged by the speaker and whether or not they are able to hold the attention of that audience.

The best motivational speakers are charismatic, funny, intelligent and above all else – motivational! Make sure when you are looking for a speaker that you choose one that will motivate your audience.

Doing your homework upfront can help you choose the right motivational speaker. Their role is crucial at any event. Create your short list of potential speakers and contact them. See who is the most flexible to deal with, is within your budget and shows you enough charisma to motivate you hire them as your motivational speaker.


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