The Do’s and Don’ts of Article Site Marketing

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Article site marketing, or simple article marketing, is probably one of the most popular, cost-effective and easiest ways to market your business online. This useful internet marketing strategy has been practiced by many marketers for a year now and still retains its efficiency. Submitting articles to the right directories is greatly helpful in gaining substantial search engine ranking. But it’s easy to do it the wrong way. So before you err in the practice, check out these useful do’s and don’ts.


1. Write an article that sells your product effectively.

The quality of the article is important when it comes to article site marketing. Furthermore, it’s tremendously helpful if your articles serve their purpose of promoting your business online. The best way to do this is to make sure that the content you produce will effectively market your business. It’s crucial to write about topics that concern your particular niche as well as the services and products you’re proposing. This way, you’ll target your intended audience and improve your online visibility through efficient keyword integration and SEO.

2. Choose the best directories and submission sites.

It’s not enough to choose one or two directories. The most efficient approach in article site marketing is submitting to as much directories as you can. But not just any directory will cut it either – you must choose the best and the most advantageous. What you can is to go surf online for directories and see if they contain several wide-ranging topics and acknowledge keyword integration. Huge traffic and popularity are also musts.


1. Rehash tired, old headlines and contents

The fastest way to produce articles is rehashing other’s contents and spread them all over the web as yours. This will not be effective in helping your audience differentiate your products and services from those of your competitions. While it’s hard to produce unique and current topics without running the risk of exhaustion, you can still offer quality compositions through ample research.

2. Limit yourself to directories.

Directories are tremendously helpful for your article site marketing efforts, but they’re rarely enough to quench the need for top rankings. As much as possible, don’t limit yourself to article directories. There are several other free submission sites you choose. You can even create your own website or blog for free. This not only helps you increase your chances of getting top ranking but also slowly boost your credibility.


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