How to Write Articles fast

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Learning how to write articles fast without having to sacrifice the quality of the content is important to people trying to write who have full time jobs and maybe even a family too. They probably have lots to say yet not much time to say it. So here is where I am going to try and help.

First things first, I highly recommend using any information that your article directory provides for you. They are there for that reason. Subscribe to the forum, and to any and all resources provided by your article directory and here's the tricky part; actually READ them.

Then use the tips, if only for experimental purposes. The best way to maximize your writing is to take the advice provided by professionals. They spend their time writing those helpful hints and tips to help you improve on your writing skills.

Second things second I suppose? Write about something you already know a lot about. It will make the entire process flow like a river. Here is what I do:

I get an empty note-book and sit down with a pen(or pencil) and just start writing all the things that I know on ONE subject. Don't worry about grammar or punctuation, or structure. Forget about all that and just write facts, the more obscure(less known) the facts, the better. However, be careful not to avoid the really simple ones too.

When you know something really well, you tend to forget that other people probably don't know it. So do not over-complicate this process. Write fast and as many words, ideas, facts as you can. One tip is 'thinking' is bad in this step. I know that sounds weird but just trust me and try it out for yourself.

If you have any trouble in this step then you might want to re-evaluate the subject matter. You might not know as much as you thought you did. This process should be super simple. Keep in mind that no one will ever read this unless you want them to.

After your finished then work out all the bugs and details a second time just as fast but with more in mind of grammar and syntax. But still as fast as you can keeping in mind that no one will read it besides yourself.

Next write from that second draft but clean it up and KNOW that others will read this material. It will come out good, probably even great because you have already done it twice. Don't criticize yourself. In life we are our own worst enemies and tend to be too hard on ourselves. Just DO it.

Third tip and the finale. It is most important to STAY on topic. I know this goes without saying, but in today's super fast paced society it is easy to get sidetracked and before you know it you are off on some tangent that has nothing to do with what you originally began writing about. This tends to be a fairly common mistake and one that is absolutely UN-forgivable by your readers.


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