Four important Tips to Make Your Article Stand out Than Anyone Else

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Article marketing has been the number one advertising tool for any online business and will remain for ages. If you are serious to make money online, you should consider starting writing one right now.

It may not make you money at first, but article marketing will become a long-term effort to promote your business. Your business will not die as long as your article remains live in other people website.

Maybe you already know the benefit of article marketing, but do you know how to maximize the quality of your article so that people will keep asking for more? Do you know how to make money online using your article? You are about to find out.

1) If you are optimizing your site with keyword articles, you will want to use the keyword approximately 1.5% of the time in the body of the article. This is the level of optimization most search engines are currently looking for. If the score is higher or lower, there is a chance you will either be ignored or penalized.

For instance, if your keyword is "make money online", do your best to make out this keyword several times in your article body. Don't over do it though. For example, you have 600 words in your article body, therefore the keyword "make money online" at least 9 times need to appear on your article body.

2) When creating a resource box for your articles, use a mix of psychological triggers and secrecy. Do not tell the reader everything - create some curiosity and then trigger action with words like "shocking," "secret," "powerful," "unbelievable," and "proven." This will induce a higher click through rate, increasing the traffic you receive for your efforts thus you make money online more than anyone.

If you thought that was interesting, just wait until you hear more.

3) Rather than jumping right into your topic, lead your article with a story. Everybody love to hear story, right? Especially if it is about making money online. You could perhaps use some historical example and then put an interesting spin on it. From there, move toward some type of 'moral' or 'lesson', which will ultimately tie back in with the purpose of your article. This will hold readers' attention and stay glued to your article until they finish reading it.

4) Article directories are not the only places you can submit your articles. You can also submit your articles to ezines that accept submissions. In fact, there are a number of services dedicated to submitting your articles for you. These services will send articles to lists of thousands of different ezine owners who publish on related topics. This is a powerful method to make money online since you will get more targeted visitors to read your article.

And there you have it. If you don't take advantage of this now, you don't know just how much money you just left on the table. To make money online, all you need to do is take action right away.

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