Saturday, November 14, 2009

The article heading has a number of varying functions. Here a five of the most important functions of your article heading. Always keep them in mind when thinking up an appropriate heading for your article.
1. Your article heading should offer help and solutions to the problems and needs of a potential customer. Once a potential customer comes across an article heading that proffers help, he is immediately drawn to it whether his intention is to buy a product or not

2. Your article heading should be a mirror of your overall article. It should tell the potential customer what he/she will come across in the body of the article. In other words, your article heading should be a brief summary of your overall article.

3. Your article heading functions as a direct link to your article body. Simply speaking, it should be able to captivate your audience long enough for them to read the total article.

4. Your article heading functions as a gateway to the rest of the article and should be constructed as such. It should not try to explain or expatiate on the subject matter. That is the function of the article body. Keep it short and simple.

5. Your article heading is the foundation of your article. Your overall article takes root from the foundation. If your article heading is weak and uninteresting, it usually transfers to the rest of the article, no matter how well written the body is. It’s just a simple case of like attracts like which plays on the psychology of the customer/reader. In his mind, he says: “this article is dull’” by just reading the heading alone.


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