New Writers Tips To Getting Noticed

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New writers today have more competition than ever before. Now to make your mark you have to have a special niche, a writing niche that is. One mistake most new writers make is trying to be all things to all people. Another mistake is writing what people are not buying. Writers who focus on only what they like to write is called a hobbyist, not a paid writer, especially in the competitive market we're in now.

Now this is the time to not only strengthen on your writing skills but equally your research skills. Good writing is 70 percent research. Thanks to the internet, research is easier and more convenient for writers like you. Unlike new writers of the past it's not necessary to live at the library, dig through dusty files or to bribe the local librarian to gain access to hard to get sources.

Now with the internet you can do most of your research in front of your computer, with an occasional trip to your local library. Here's 3 Tips to Get Noticed.

1. Write What People Are Interested In Now
This could be the latest subject that keep people talking, a special problem many people have that keep them up at night. Or some unknown or little known information about the hottest celebrity most people don't know about.

2. Write A Top 20 List
For some reason people today want know about the top 20 anything. So pick a popular subject and research the top 20 concerning it. The listing is limitless. You could write about the top 20 restaurants, electronics, real estate properties, automobiles movies, etc. The key is to make sure your research is based on the current facts.

3. Make Sure You Develop Passion Before You Start Writing
Whatever subject you decide to write about make sure you have passion for it. And if you don't have passion, develop it before you start writing. Why? Because nothing shows through your writing to the sophisticated readers of today than the passion the passion you have for the subject you're writing about. So, whatever you choose to write about make sure you're fired up about the subject before you start typing. Doing this one step can make the difference between your writing success or failure in reaching your readers mentally and emotionally.

As you continue to follow the tips mentioned above you’ll discover your writing niche. It may take you a while to discover your angle, your strength or your unique selling proposition (U.S.P) that separates you from the heard of competition. So, prepare yourself by mastering the fundamentals first and soon everything else will fall into place.


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