A Guide to Effective Article Writing

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Article Marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to drive huge traffic to a website. This has become a must for any web marketing and branding companies to market their brand. The first step to Article Marketing is writing a powerful article.

A Guide to Effective Article Writing

The article must well written and very informative. Content of the article should have the power to entice the readers to visit the website.

Basically an article consists of three sections - introduction, body and conclusion. You need to ensure each aspect of your article makes an interesting read and yet flows well from one to another section. Here is a step by step guide to effective article writing.

· Initially, start writing about subjects of your expertise and interests. This will result in your writing often and churn out articles faster as you wouldn’t need to spend much time in doing research on the subjects. Also influence of personal experience adds a different edge to the article and helps connect better with your website.

· Before beginning to write article, compile the topics you want to write on. This will help you organize your thoughts around each topic and help you write faster.

· If you need to look for or refer to more information/facts/recent articles on the web about the same subject, it is a good idea to keep notepad/word document open in a parallel window so you can copy and paste information there for quick reference.

· Organize each article in three segments - introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should be precise and interesting to guide your reader into the body of the article. The body content of the article should be crux of the subject/topic you are writing about. In the conclusion, simply summarize the whole article you wrote in few short sentences.

· At the bottom of the article, add your very brief pen profile along with your e-mail id. This helps your readers know more about you and connect better with you.


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