How to Write Luring Article Titles

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tips on Article Title Writing

I found these tips for article title writing the other day and thought they might help others in the article marketing business:

When writing articles, always write your title first. Your title will help direct the information delivered in the text of the article.
Study titles written by other authors; not just online, but in newspapers and magazines. Which titles grab your eye? Why did it grab your attention?
If you study the titles of other and know why they work, you will have done your homework well. Borrow the style of those titles for your articles.

Title Styles:

How To titles

How to titles promise answers.
How to titles always work in article marketing.
Nearly all people searching the web are searching for helpful information about a particular subject.

How to titles don't give people more to do in their busy lives, but they will offer tips, tricks, and methods that will make their busy lives more managable. Your How To article needs to inform and emotionally engage the reader and make them feel better by having found the information they desperately needed at the moment.

Structure of a How To title: How to (mundane task) That (rewarding benefit)

Examples: How to Save Money and Retire Rich
How to Get a Mortgage That Saves You Money
How to Select a Bed That Gives You a Good Night's Rest

List titles

List titles/articles build your authority as an online marketer.
List titles offer a specific promise to the reader.
List articles prompt action from the reader.
List articles list a number of reasons, secrets, tips, methods, types, etc.

List titles/articles are written for a specific target market and always work to get results.
The reader is looking for the specific information you have written about.

Structure of a List title: (specific number) Ways to (benefit to reader)

"Five Familiare Marketing Methods Used to Attract More People"
"10 Ways to Make Money Online"
"101 Free Marketing Methods Online"

Testimonial Titles

The testimonial title is structured to relate a personal story.

Structure of a Testimonial title: How (something) Made Me (something).

"How Article Marketing Changed My Life"
"How a Foolish Whim Made Me a Millionaire"
"How a Date Gone Bad Made Me Stronger"

The key is to make the first something contrast with the second.

Question Titles

The question title attracts the curiosity of the reader. The question is the hook and can be subtle or bold in its approach. The body of the article is information that will benefit the specific question being posed.

Structure of a Question title: Are You (something)?
The something usually addresses a specific type of person or a specific type of problem that is in need of a solution.

"Are You Tired of Failing at MLM?"
"Are You a Super Blogger Yet?
"Are You Tired of Boring Weekends?"

Try some of these different approaches to article title writing to see if they will multiply the responses to your articles. They are as old as the art of writing and have been tried and tested by generations; they are timeless tools to get your articles read and clicked through.


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